TGS Ecuador

We are a firm specialized in the provision of professional accounting, auditing, tax, business intelligence (BI), legal and commercial services. Firm Member of the international business network TGS with a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Generate trust and guide the client in proper decision-making, through the provision of high-quality professional services.


Position TGS Ecuador among the main companies in the provision of professional services at the local and regional level.


Independence in the application of procedures and in the issuance of results.

Motivation and ability to take on new challenges.

Integrity in our business relationships.

Innovation in processes and products.

Quality in our services.

As a TGS member firm, we have the experience and breadth of knowledge that will provide your company with services tailored to your needs.

TGS Ecuador provides Financial Audit, Consulting and Accounting and Financial Outsourcing, Tax Advice, Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Process Improvement services.
We have benefited with our services to several clients: small, medium and large companies, public and private institutions, institutional organizations and non-profit societies; All of them have placed their entire trust in our Firm and in the capacity of our professionals, we are sure that we have fully met their expectations during the last 6 years.